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Why should you care about office relocation dates?

Because company relocations trigger buying intent!

If you know when your prospect's lease starts or ends, you are a step ahead of your competition.

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Lease Expiration Date (the date a lease ends)

This is the date when a company's lease officially expires. The company will then need to decide what they want to do next:

 - move out and vacate the space

 - renew the lease

 - expand by taking additional space.


How do you find Expiration Date on CompStak?


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Execution Date (the date a lease is signed)

This is the date that the tenant signs the lease agreement.

This is NOT the lease start date.

There will be months (sometimes a year!) before the company will actually move into this new space.


How do you find Execution Date on CompStak?


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Commencement Date (the date a lease starts)

This is the date when a company physically moves into its new space.

Normally, there is a period of several months between Execution Date and Commencement Date.

For you, the most important buying window is the time between:

Execution Date - Commencement Date = a period when a company is planning the upcoming move.


How do you find Commencement Date on CompStak?


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Date Created (the date new leads are added)

Date Created has nothing to do with the lease itself. This date tells you when the deal record has made its way to our database (which is updated daily).

For you, it means two things.

First, you can filter and see and the freshest deals. For example, if you went through commercial tenants on CompStak in September 2020, you could come back in October 2020 and ask the system to show you all the deal records that have been added since your last visit. 

Second, you can create deal alerts!

As soon as a new record of a deal gets added to CompStak, you will receive a notification in your inbox.

How do you find Date Created on CompStak?


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How Some of Our Clients Use Office Relocation Dates to Win More Deals

Use Case #1

A company's lease expiration date was approaching. They decided to leave. Our client worked for a mover company, so they reached out to that prospect three to six months in advance and pitched their services.

Use Case #2

A company's lease expiration date was approaching. They decided to leave. Our client was selling building optimization services. They approached a landlord of a soon-to-be-vacant space and pitched keyless entry.

Use Case #3

A company's lease expiration date was approaching. They decided to stay and also take up one more floor. This meant the company was growing. Our client reached out shortly after a lease was renewed and offered a discount on commercial cleaning and office furniture.

Use Case #4

A company just signed a new lease, which was about to start in nine months. Our client worked as a workspace consultant. They called this prospect and offered their services to help organize and prepare the new space.

How will you use office relocation dates to adjust your sales pitch and close more deals?