Commercial Real Estate Data for Lenders

Whether you’re advising on, evaluating, or originating loans in commercial real estate, having access to accurate transactional data is critical.

Relying on real estate professionals and market reports only yields some of this information. You may consistently fall short on data points that answer the most important question: “Are we comfortable with the financial terms of this loan?”

Now, real estate lending institutions can easily source accurate CRE data with the help of CompStak! Access real rents, not estimates, as well as rent schedules, net effective rent, lease commencement, expiration, concessions, and more.

Analyst-Reviewed Data. Available Nationwide. 
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Lenders use CompStak to:

  • Verify underlying assumptions and populate pro-formas such as starting rent, TI, free rent, and lease term for more accurate NOI calculations

  • Leverage visibility into building expiring leases and tenant make-ups to determine immediate exposure of surrounding assets

  • Utilize competitive building set features to evaluate your portfolio and compare underlying asset performance to similar properties and the overall market

  • Gain insight into unfamiliar markets and submarkets with access to lease and sales comps nationwide. Learn more with CompStak Analytics

Comp samples and property reports


Comp Set 3


Competitive Set

Property Analytics 4-1


Property Analytics

LA Office Comp


Office Lease

Dallas Industrial Comp


Industrial Lease

NYC Retail Comp


Retail Lease

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Analyst-reviewed data provides industry-leading accuracy

We go above and beyond to ensure the accuracy of our comps.

Trusted Sources - All of our comps are sourced directly from commercial brokers and appraisers.

Analyst Review - Our analysts cross-check lease and sales comps data across multiple sources.

Community Regulation - Members receive more comps when they help us complete missing comp information.