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How do you use Compstak Prospect to avoid bad timing and target leads at the right time? 

How many times have you reached out to a lead and heard them saying this — “Hey, your services sound great, but we already signed up for a service just like yours?” Marking deals as “closed-lost” because of bad timing is frustrating. This is where Compstak Prospect comes to the rescue. Now, before I show you how, let me give you a quick background. First, the Compstak platform specializes in capturing non-public data on commercial real estate spaces — be it office retail, industrial, or any other more importantly, the data comes indirectly from commercial real estate professionals. And that's why it's so reliable. You have an edge here because this data is not available anywhere else. Now let me deep dive to show you how our buying signal data can remove bad timing from your sales process.

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The most important sales intelligence data on prospecting is lease dates. First, there's a lease execution date. This is when a lease for a commercial space is signed between the landlord and the tenant. Second, there is a lease commencement date. The date when a tenant will actually move in here comes the best part. In most cases, CompStak prospect will tell you both of these dates, the deal signing date, and the scheduled move-in date. The date difference can be anywhere between one to six months or maybe even 12 months in some cases. And you know what? This is the sweet spot for prospecting to a potential client. Another awesome buying signal that indicates the right timing is the expiration date. It's the day when a lease will officially come to an end and accompany, you might actually move out unless of course, they decide to renew or even expand.

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Now, if you're a moving company, this is worth checking out three to six months in advance. In short, you can use these buying signals to find new promising leads or to enrich your existing accounts with business insights. One thing that CompSak prospect does not offer is email addresses. Instead, we focus on other account-level data. For example, in most cases, we do provide the tenant's headquarter address website and a phone number. Our main offer is sales intelligence. It's based on non-public information that is reliable and actionable. No other platform captures move-in and move-out dates, and advanced infographics, as we do! Check out our other features to see how you can target the right leads.


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