Catylist vs CompStak Pricing and Features



Catylist is a hub for users sharing information, researching properties, marketing listings, and prospecting. CompStak provides holistic CRE insight ranging from critical property details to market analysis. Each platform has its perks, but which provides a better fit for your needs?

"Knowledge is power and CompStak consistently delivers the information I need to provide my clients with the most accurate and up-to-date market intelligence available today."

Jon Olmstead
Cushman & Wakefield

CompStak or Catylist?

CompStak is ideal for:

— Lease comp access

CompStak is the only platform that offers extensive, in-depth lease comp data with hard-to-find details. It is ideal for CRE professionals who need access to proprietary data, such as starting and net effective rent, expiration and commencement dates, concession details, and more. 

— Off-market CRE properties

CompStak’s property reports cover commercial buildings across the U.S. In addition to property details, these reports include any associated lease and sales comps, sales history, and competitive buildings. Users can also generate market trend charts.

Catylist is ideal for:

— Data in secondary and tertiary markets

Catylist, which also owns, partners with local trade associations and collects deal information across secondary and tertiary cities

— Lead generation via marketing and email

Once in the database, Catylist’s listings are pushed through emails to its nationwide network. Users can send unlimited emails to market their listings and track leads.

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Compstak vs Catylist Pricing*

CompStak Catylist
Free Accounts Yes, Limited. Listings search only is available via Commercial Exchange Yes, Commercial Exchange is available to brokers, owners, investors, developers, tenants, buyers, and site selectors who want to search only
Team and Enterprise Packages Yes, customizable Yes, customizable

Compstak vs Catylist Features*

CompStak Catylist
Main Use Cases Prospecting and canvassing, deal negotiation, investment underwriting, CRE market trends, and analysis Commercial property listings, lead generation, building reports, and site selection
Data Source Proprietary, crowdsourced + public records & third-party data providers Public data found in public record sales comps + data uploaded by listing brokers
Commercial Lease Comps (office, retail, industrial) Yes Listings data only
Commercial Sales Comps Yes Yes
Data in non-disclosure states Yes Yes
NOI, Cap Rates Yes No
Markets Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Mostly Secondary, Tertiary
Analytics Yes Yes
Map Analytics Yes No
Email marketing services No Yes
Granular tenant Info Tenant lease terms like lease commencement and expiration dates, as well as tenant company information like main phone number and number of employees No

CompStak Feature Highlights

Granular data

Guide business decisions with access to CompStak's nationwide database of lease and sales comps with detailed fields such as actual starting rent, TI, free rent, lease term, cap rate, and NOI. 

Market rent trends

Understand market, submarket, and competitive building set 6-month moving average of starting rent with CompStak's property reports.

Map capabilities

Use CompStak’s map view and apply radius and polygon filters to sort data in your territory — or choose from a submarket list.


“Terrific platform, good data, a valuable alternative to other CRE data providers.”

Jeff Enright
Kidder Mathews

Who uses CompStak?

CRE brokers, appraisers, and researchers trade information about the deals in their markets for free through CompStak Exchange. They primarily use the platform for prospecting, canvassing, deal negotiation, market analysis, and creating valuation reports.

Other CRE professionals, such as lenders, landlords, and investors, access lease, sales, and market data on a subscription basis through CompStak Enterprise. While use cases vary for every company, some of the common use cases for the platform is building underwriting models and optimizing asset performance optimization.

Business development professionals use tenant data for lead generation and target contact data enrichment with CompStak Prospect.

How accurate is the CompStak data?

CompStak ensures each comp in the database is the most accurate and complete transaction record available. Here’s how:

  • Lease and sales comp data comes directly from CRE professionals, such as brokers, appraisers, and researchers
  • Machine learning algorithms identify outlier data for in-depth review
  • Team of analysts cross-checks deal details and research the market

What market analytics and intelligence tools are available?

  • Our Analytics tool provides our CompStak Enterprise users the ability to spot trends and compare datasets via our chart builder or visualize selected data via the map.
  • Our Insights tool provides a customized rent trends and a distribution chart based on the most relevant data to you based on the filters you have selected.
  • Competitive building set including market starting rent for each building.

*CompStak is not affiliated with Catylist. All claims about Catylist's product and services are based on their public website as of 9/15/2020."